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USF System Academic Program Advisory Council

The Academic Program Advisory Council (APAC) is a USF System-wide Council that reviews and recommends pre-proposal, new program proposals, and suspension and termination of existing degree programs. Any new programs must be presented to the APAC by the Dean of the college making the proposal or the institution's chief academic officer. APAC also reviews concept proposals for new curricular offerings. The APAC shall evaluate viability of proposed new programs and make recommendations to the USF System Provost/Executive Vice President based on consideration of:

  1. Alignment with USF System and State University System strategic goals
  2. Compelling data-based workforce needs and student demand
  3. New efficiencies created and/or terminations of existing degrees
  4. Availability of resources
  5. Quality assurance and commitment to any requisite accreditation

The processes for proposing new programs and suspending or terminating existing programs can be found at the USF System Academics: Curriculum website.

APAC will meet a minimum of four (4) times per year, meeting to align with the CAVP Academic Program Coordination Workgroup and the USF BOT Academic and Campus Environment (ACE) Committee.

APAC Structure & Membership

Chair: Rotates annually through academic administrative leadership from USF, USF St. Petersburg, and USF Sarasota-Manatee as per the membership list below.


Non-member representatives of the USF System community may serve as consultants to APAC and/or attend APAC meetings and may participate at the discretion of the Chair.

The USF System appointee to the SUS Academic Vice Presidents' (CAVP) Academic Program Coordination Workgroup works with the APAC Chair to coordinate meetings and communicate with the USF System Provost & Executive Vice President.



CAVP Academic Coordination Workgroup Representation
Theresa Chisolm (Vice Provost for Strategic Planning, Performance & Accountability) (Chair)

Regional Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, USFSP
Olufunke Fontenot

Regional Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, USFSM
Brett Kemker

Dean of Graduate Studies, USF
Dwayne Smith

Dean of Undergraduate Studies, USF
Paul Atchley

Health Leadership Representative, USF
Gretchen Koehler

USF System Faculty Council Representatives (3)
Timothy Boaz (USF)
Michael Gillespie (USFSM)
Ray Arsenault (USFSP)

Staff Support

Jonna DeSantis, Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President