Guest Information

Members of the USF community are invited to attend the ceremony. Please RSVP to attend as a guest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of an inauguration at a university?

A presidential inauguration is a chance for the university and the surrounding community to come together to celebrate the next steps in the life of the institution. Faculty, staff, students and community stakeholders are all welcome to attend. This historic event is also a moment for the university to heighten its visibility across the broader higher education community and continue time honored academic traditions, such as the processional of delegates, university leadership past and present, and faculty members. It also allows the new president to address the entire university and share his vision for the institution moving forward.

President Currall started July 1. Why is the Inauguration in November?

Inaugurations are typically scheduled several months, sometimes close to a year, after the new president assumes office. This allows the new president to focus on important university initiatives, for ceremonial preparations to be made, and for invited guests from across the country to make the proper travel arrangements to attend.

What is the difference between the inauguration, investiture, and installation? 

The inauguration refers to the entire day or week’s events celebrating the new president, which includes the formal academic ceremony, also known as an Investiture Ceremony. The formal installation will take place when the new president is presented with the presidential chain of office during the Investiture Ceremony.

Who may attend the Investiture Ceremony?

The Investiture Ceremony is open to anyone in the USF community and beyond to attend as a guest. Higher education delegates and USF faculty members and administrators are invited to participate in the ceremony processional. Members of the USF community and beyond are also invited to join President Currall for a campus-wide Inauguration Reception at the Muma College of Business Atrium immediately following the Investiture Ceremony. Refreshments will be served.

Is it free to attend?


Is a ticket required to attend?

No, however please RSVP as a guest here: 

Where should people coming from off campus, including alumni, park? Is parking free?

Parking for the general public, including USF staff not participating in the ceremony, will be in Lot 22A of the Yuengling Center.

USF Administration, Faculty and Higher Education Delegates participating in the ceremony will park in Lot 6. Registered participants should have received a parking pass via the email. If you registered to participate and have not received a parking pass, please contact us at

Are classes cancelled during the Inauguration?

Please check with your professor or instructor for their specific attendance policy.

Will campus offices be closed during the Inauguration?

Please check with the specific office you are inquiring about to see how operations may be affected. 

Will hourly employees who attend the Investiture Ceremony be paid?

Employees should request approval to attend from their supervisor to ensure that departmental operational needs are able to be met.

Can salaried employees attend without taking annual leave?

Employees should request approval to attend from their supervisor to ensure that departmental operational needs are able to be met. 

Who will be the speakers during Investiture Ceremony?

President Currall has selected an array of global leaders to speak at the ceremony.

Who will walk in the Investiture Ceremony processional?

Higher education delegates from colleges and universities, USF faculty and administrators, and former USF Presidents. 

What are the symbols incorporated into the Investiture Ceremony?

The USF mace is a ceremonial staff similar to those used by many institutions of higher learning to show the right to grant degrees to graduates. The mace is used during all Commencement ceremonies and is typically carried by the President of the Faculty Senate. For the Investiture Ceremony, Provost Ralph Wilcox will serve as the presiding officer. The USF mace includes a gold pinecone at its top to represent growth and continuity. Eight silver semicircles, which support the pinecone, stand for the eight colleges in existence at USF when the mace was commissioned in 1998.

Participants in the processional will wear traditional academic regalia. The gown has become symbolic of the democracy of scholarship, for it completely covers any dress of rank or social standing. The sleeves of the gown indicate the level of the degree held by the wearer. A long, pointed sleeve indicates the bachelor’s degree. The master’s gown has an oblong sleeve cut in an arc, with a slit at either the upper arm or wrist. The doctoral gown has bell-shaped sleeves and three black bars on the sleeve. Those with master’s and doctorates also wear a hood edged and bound with velvet of the color appropriate for the wearer’s degree. The hood is also lined indicating the institution where the degree was earned.

The President wears a special gown that is similar to the doctoral version, but instead has four bars on the sleeve indicating the wearer as President (or former President). The President also wears the chain of office which includes engraving’s for the university’s former Presidents and their terms of office, complete with a medallion of the university seal.

Will the Investiture Ceremony be streamed online?

Yes, the Investiture Ceremony will be streamed online at

Is there a reserved seating section for guests with accessibility and special needs?

There is no pre-assigned seating for guests with disabilities as our venue has ample accommodations available. Wheelchair seating is available and these spaces are given on a first come, first served basis. Please be aware that the Yuengling Center does not have wheelchairs or other equipment to loan or rent.


Inauguration map for guests. Click to view larger.