Title IX Conference


On Thursday, February 27, 2020, Elizabeth H. Canning, J.D. hosted a day-long (9am-5pm) training for all those wishing to become a Title IX Investigator. The details of this training are below:


Investigations of sexual misconduct are essential to fair and compliant Title IX processes. They ensure that allegations of misconduct are taken seriously and that relevant information is gathered appropriately and neutrally. These investigations can be incredibly difficult as the investigator simultaneously navigates both the deeply personal human experience and formal legal requirements. A well-run investigation provides parties with a sense that they were fully heard and allows hearing panels and decision-makers to make determinations more effectively.

This training is designed to help participants conduct thorough, neutral, and compliant investigations on educational campuses. A strong focus is on creating processes and developing skills to allow investigators to remain neutral and fair, be thorough, and write clear reports that contain relevant information.

The day will cover the essential elements of an investigation. Participants will strengthen their core investigator skills and feel more confident in their ability to manage the push and pull of the human experience and legal/policy demands. Samplings from the day: how to gather information to assist with fact finding under your institution’s policy; how to manage bias, myths, and trauma; how to develop, and ask, questions appropriately and effectively; tips for addressing the timing of the investigation; managing your emotions (and the parties’ emotions); and writing clear reports to assist with determinations of policy violations.

Elizabeth Canning

Elizabeth H. Canning, Esq., has over 20 years of legal experience that includes both criminal law and higher education law. She has handled matters involving interpersonal violence for almost 15 years and is dedicated to helping educational institutions implement effective and integrated strategies and systems to prevent and respond to violence. Elizabeth’s work focuses on breaking down silos and bringing together campus communities to address discrimination, harassment, and related violence in a compliant, effective, and appropriate manner. Elizabeth established and led Title IX/Equity offices at three different higher education institutions and has experience creating policy, developing prevention tools, and responding to discrimination based on sex, gender, race, religion, age, national origin, disability, and protected veteran status. She uses this expertise to assess and strengthen Title IX/Equity offices, write policy, conduct investigations, train staff, and educate students. She earned her BA from Harvard University, her JD from Boston College Law School, and a certificate in Human Resources from the University of Rhode Island. She is currently pursuing her MS in Human Resources & Labor Relations from the University of Rhode Island. She lives in Rhode Island but loves spending time in Florida as her family is from St. Petersburg!