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Brand Guidelines Preview

Welcome to a new era—a time to re-energize our university. This is a preview of our rebrand and many other exciting things to come. However, there’s still work to be done. While we continue finalizing the details, please refrain from using any new content, logos, type, colors, etc. until full guidelines are provided. Contact UCM if you have any questions about brand usage or have urgent branding needs.

How did we determine our Logo and Brand story?

We conducted multiple brand studies to give us a baseline for USF awareness among key stakeholders. These studies made clear that the field is wide open for us to develop and own our identity.

Using these insights, we engaged with a premiere branding agency to work with UCM. The team conducted more than 1,200 interviews with university stakeholders to develop a brand story that articulates what makes us unique.

This story is grounded in our beliefs: the way we embrace ambition over tradition, our collective power, the boundless community we serve and the uncharted terrain that we explore.

The brand story is complemented by a bold new academic logo that represents the proud and optimistic personality of USF -- just as our athletic logo, the familiar Bull “U,” has come to represent our competitive spirit.

Inspiration for the new Bull logo

Frequently Asked Questions

We will address the most common questions here. This page will continually be updated as we have more resources and information to share.

I just saw the new logo revealed at President Genshaft’s Fall Address. Can I download and use it now?

We love that you are excited to use the new logo! While we want to share it with you, there are still lots of details to be ironed out. University Communications and Marketing (UCM) is actively working on the visual identity standards for the USF System. Once those are finalized, UCM will begin to distribute and you can use the new logo. 

Once the standards are finalized, how will we receive the logo for our college/department?

UCM will provide comprehensive guidelines which will address the visual identity of each unit. All files and guidelines will be provided to your communications and marketing representative and/or your unit’s leadership. They will distribute throughout their areas as they see fit.  

How long will the rollout take?

You will start to see the new visual identity across various official university digital properties beginning October 2018 during Homecoming week. However, the rollout process will be extensive and ongoing. Don’t worry, you will not be in violation of brand standards right out of the gate. There will be a generous transition period.  

Preliminary new brand rollout timeline

If I need to order products before October, can I still use the current USF logo?

Yes. We understand that our timing might not line up with your needs. If you feel that waiting is not an option, then consider ordering a smaller quantity of the item(s) – perhaps a quantity that will get you through the semester rather than the calendar year. Remember to still follow all necessary approval processes for your order. 

What happens to our existing inventory with the current logo once we receive the new logo?

We know that everyone across campus has various collateral, shirts, business cards, promotional items and other things with the existing logo on them. We do not expect that everything will change immediately and we are sensitive to the fact that budgets may not allow for that. Please evaluate replacement costs and visibility of the items that you have. We would recommend that things that are very visible to the outside world get updated first. You can work through your existing inventory of items. Again, no one will be in violation of brand standards immediately.

Does this new logo apply the other system locations?

Yes. USF Sarasota-Manatee and USF St. Petersburg will have a version of the new visual identity for use. UCM will work with each of their communications and marketing teams to distribute.

Does this new logo apply to USF Athletics?

No. USF Athletics will continue to use the Bull U logo. The one that President Genshaft revealed in her fall address will be for academics only. 

USF Athletics Logo

How do I stay informed of the process and the timeline of the new logo rollout?

UCM will be providing regular updates to campus communicators and we will be updating this site as soon as new information is available. 

I’ve reviewed this information and talked with my leadership, but still have questions. Can someone help?

Absolutely. You can reach out to UCM for assistance.

Other Brand Items

Color Palettes, Typography, Logos, and Templates will be updated starting in October with the new visual identity. In the meantime, please contact UCM if you have questions about brand usage or have urgent branding needs.


If you have any photo needs, please contact UCM for assistance. Learn more about photo use best practices.


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For use in all USF-branded publications, including brochures, event programs, academic program materials, accreditation documents, and/or any external communications that describe or promote the university. Use the "USF" boilerplate for communications specific to USF in Tampa. Use the "USF System" boilerplate for communications that include information about all USF institutions.