CMS Technical Guide

Before You Publish

Page Check is an optional feature that allows users to check a page's spelling, links, and compliance with accessibility standards prior to sending for review, approval, or publishing. It is possible that none, all, or some of these features will be available.

To utilize the Page Check option, either select the it from the "Review" drop down menu for the file on the pages view.

page check options

or the check icon at the top of the page.

page check options

After the check has been run, the results will appear under each option. If there are errors or warnings, they can be viewed by clicking on the "Show Results" link.

page check errors

Before sending to another user for review or approval, or publishing the page, it is advised to fix the identified errors.

If using "Accessibility Check," the "Known" errors will include solutions. Any identified "Likely" or "Potential" errors will require the user to review the error and decide if the error is truly an error and what the best course of action is to fix it.

Keep in mind that errors that may be identified in all three options may include errors that are in areas that cannot be edited by the user. For instance, if the error is in the header, this is generally only editable by an administrator. In those cases, the user should pass the identified error on to their CMS Liaison to review it. Script errors are typically controlled by the vendor and cannot be updated.

The page check options available will also be available during Publish.