Digital Requests

There are few different avenues in which to reach us depending on your needs. These requests should all come from your unit's communications and marketing designee. In some cases, this person may be different from your CMS Content Manager.

Send requests to for the following (IT Web Services and UCM review each of these):

  • CMS exceptions
  • Custom CMS template functionality
  • Mobile application exceptions
  • Inclusion in the official MyUSF Mobile App
  • Top-level domain requests (reviewed on Fridays)
  • MyUSF portal ads (text or graphic. Please complete online form)
  • Vanity URL requests (reviewed on Fridays)
  • Branding templates for third-party vendors

Send requests to for the following:

  • CMS kickoff / assignment of CMS liaison
  • CMS training requests
  • New user requests for your unit's CMS site (please complete online form)
  • General CMS troubleshooting and technical support

Send requests to or for the following:

  • New social media account(s) for your unit

Send requests to for the following:

  • USF logo approvals / requests
  • General brand support
  • Licensing approvals