Typography is an important element of the USF brand. Fonts convey personality to communications.

Does USF have official fonts?
Yes. For print, we use Univers for headlines and Garamond for body copy. For electronic media, we use Garamond for headlines and Arial for body copy.

University Communications and Marketing offers a series of design templates for your convenience. Fonts used in the templates are:

Why should I use the official USF fonts?
These fonts have been carefully selected for easy readability, ease of acquisition, and have significant brand equity because they have been consistently used on USF communications for many years. Univers, Garamond and Goudy are all easily available and are preloaded on most computer systems — an important consideration for web display.

I don't have the fonts that are displayed on the templates. Can University Communications and Marketing supply me with copies of the fonts?
No. UCM cannot supply these fonts to all university offices. Fonts are protected under intellectual property law and are subject to the same legal usage restrictions as other software. It is illegal to for UCM to share or copy fonts beyond what our office license agreement allows. If you would like to obtain licensed copies of these or other fonts, you may purchase them for your office in the same manner as software. A typical license covers five desktops per purchase. Please review the license details on each font that you purchase.

If you have questions about sources, email or call 813-974-4014.

Can I use other fonts in my print materials?
Yes. You can use other fonts in your print materials. Just remember that the goal is to select fonts that are easy-to-read and appropriate for your communications.

Where can I find more information about fonts and licensing?
You can learn more information about Adobe products and Microsoft font use by visiting the company websites.

What else should I know about typography?
There are several common mistakes that are easily remedied. Here are a few general rules: