Text Pages

Editing Text Pages

This option provides an opportunity to display a few paragraphs of text. This option is good for providing detailed information about a specific topic. This option includes a title, plus space to type whatever you wish to communicate to your audience. Text, images, videos, and tables can also be inserted within this template using assets, components, or snippets.

Edit a Text Page

  1. Click the Edit button above the area you wish to change.
  2. Make desired edits within the WYSIWYG Editor (for more details about the editor, refer to the “WYSIWYG Editor” section of this manual).
  3. Click the Save icon in the WYSIWYG Editor.
  4. From the Publish drop down menu, select which action is appropriate for your permission level/workflow (Publish, Schedule, Submit for Approval, etc.). For more information, refer to the Publishing section of this guide.

Screenshot of editing a text page in the Omni CMS.