CMS Workshops and Office Hours

Hello CMS users! The UCM Digital Team hosts monthly workshops and office hours for all users. CMS confidence is right around the corner. We hope you can join us, drop in, and learn a lot! Missed our invites? Submit a CMS Support Intake Form and choose "CMS training/how-to".

Starting from scratch? Check out our CMS Basics Training to learn the fundamentals.


Workshops focus on a particular CMS subject ⁠— presenting a topic overview and its specific features.

Can't make it? No worries! Recorded workshops are available below for reference.

Topic (Recorded Sessions)

Upcoming 2024 Workshops

We will be relaunching Workshops in March 2024.

Office Hours

Drop-in office hours will serve as a Q&A session followed by live CMS demos. Ask us anything!

Upcoming 2024 Office Hours

We will be relaunching Office Hours in April 2024.