New Website Request - CMS Wireframes

Download our Homepage and Text Page wireframe(s) to outline the look, structure, and functionality of your new website buildout. Each website buildout requires one homepage wireframe and corresponding text page wireframe(s) that match your new main navigation title (website sections). Learn more on how to structure your website folders

Successful Wireframe Submission Tips

  • Using your Homepage Wireframe create folders using the Main Navigation titles — these will be your Website Section folders. We recommend using Box, OneDrive, or a similar content hosting service.
Image displaying how folders should be organized for a site buildout.
  • Then upload each Text Page Wireframe file to its corresponding Website Section folder.
Image of how files are included within a website section buildout folder.

Note: If you are looking to build out a website outside of your department's existing website folder, please email CMSsupport@usf.edu


Image of the homepage wireframe that is available for download.

The homepage wireframe outlines the look, structure, and functionality of the homepage of a new website.  Download the wireframe and select from the dropdown options to create your desired homepage.

Download Homepage Wireframe


Text Page

Image of the secondary text page available for download.

The text page wireframe outlines the look, structure, and functionality of text pages within the new website. Each text page needs its own completed wireframe. 

Download Text Page Wireframe