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When I arrived last year, I was excited for the opportunity to help students succeed at scale, to be part of a dynamic and diverse institution motivated by constant improvement, and for the privilege to lead a team that was at the heart of it all.  It did not take long to understand just how important the various units in Undergraduate Studies were to the University of South Florida’s overall success.  And just as quickly I came to know how remarkable all of the staff, administrators and students that make up Undergraduate Studies truly are.

Therefore, when we had a number of employees from Undergraduate Studies recognized at the Outstanding Staff Awards this year, it was not a surprise.  But when we think about the size of USF, it came as a small surprise that 10% of the USF awards went to staff in Undergraduate Studies! Two of our groups won team awards.  We celebrate Eirleene Bristow, Roshanda Pinson, LaTosha Thomas, and Brian Williams in Student Support Services and Lorene Hall-Jennings,  Sandra Ruzycki and Chase Patterson on the Curriculum team for their amazing work.  Keri Reigler was recognized as outstanding staff in Student Success and Orientation’s Ryan Newton won Employee of the Year.

These are just a few of the awards and accolades that have been bestowed upon the professionals in our unit this year.  The list of contributions extends beyond internally recognized efforts to move student success forward at USF, as seen in the long list of papers and talks later in this report.  When we talk about numbers like 10% at the University of South Florida, our minds most commonly think about our performance-based metrics.  Let us not forget that, but let us focus instead on what is moving those numbers forward: the people of Undergraduate Studies.

It is my pleasure to serve in leadership with you.


Paul Atchley, Ph.D.
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Senior Associate Vice-President
Professor of Psychology