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Welcome Bulls!

Dr. Allison Crume, dean of Undergraduate Studies welcome message.

Undergraduate Studies staff welcomes you to the fall 2020 semester! We are excited you are here and GO BULLS!

The start of the school year is something we all anticipate with excitement. The fall of 2020 may be different but there is still so much to do and experience this semester! Events, activities, and special happenings will be available online and academic support is available to help your year be successfull!

Undergraduate Studies is here to help you progress through your college years. Check out a few of the ways we can assist below. #GoBulls! #Wearamask #Stopthe Spread

Seek Tutoring and Writing Assistance

The Academic Success Center offers tutoring in a peer-to-peer format, Smartthinking which offers tutoring in most classes, and select courses from Knack for free. Make an appointment with one of the writing consultants or find other writing resources at the Writing Studio.

Get Engaged

A large part of your college experience and learning comes from being involved and engaged in campus activities. New Student Connections has Peer Advisor Leaders to help keep you connected and download the Go Bulls Guide app to keep up with the vast daily activities happening at USF.

Learn to college 

First time students to USF can benefit from taking Academic Foundations SLS 2901 or Academic Transitions SLS3113 for transfer students. These courses offer time management skills, introduce you to resources to USF to help you succeed, connect with new friends, and more.

Develop your research skills

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research where they can  connect with a professor to help them with there research!

Acquire leadership skills

Check out the benefits of joining a ROTC branch.