About Us

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:
The Office of Academic Advocacy promotes undergraduate student persistence, progression, and completion in support of key strategic University goals and measures by removing barriers to academic success and supporting a timely progression to graduation.

Increasing the first year retention rate of First Time in College (FTIC) students to a minimum of 93% (90% with 2.0).
Increasing the six-year graduation rate of undergraduate students to a minimum of 80% and the four-year graduation rate of undergraduate students to a minimum of 60%.

Case Management Model:
Each Academic Advocate will follow a case management model that will facilitate support to students in academic distress in a collaborative manner. Advocates will serve as managers to triage concerns while collaborating with campus resources to coordinate the most appropriate response. Together with their students, Advocates will create action plans with short and long term goals. In addition, Academic Coaches will work individually with students to monitor progress and hold students accountable.