Major Reselection


What can I expect during my appointment?

During your appointment, you will be meeting/speaking with an Academic Advisor from Major Reselection to discuss further your academic situation and career goals. According to these, the advisor will go over some majors that will best suit your needs, as well as your career outcomes. After a major has been chosen, the re-selection advisor will refer you to the appropriate advisor for the new major to declare the major (if not online) and select the right coursework for future terms.

What if I remain undecided after exploring options?

If you are still undecided, or want to explore other career options, the Academic Advisor will then refer you to Career Services to meet with a Career Consultant and discuss your career path.

Can a Major Reselection Academic Advisor declare my new major during my appointment?

The process for declaring your major depends on the college where it is housed. Some majors allow you to declare online, while others require for you to meet with an advisor. The Academic Advisor will provide you the proper information on how to declare the major chosen.

Can a Major Reselection Academic Advisor remove the holds on my account?

Major Reselection is not authorized to remove holds. After choosing the new major, students will be directed to the Academic Advisor of the selected major, where they can address and assist with holds.

Can the Major Reselection advisor help me register for classes?

The Academic Advisor of the selected major will be able to assist the student with course registration.

If I already know what I want to declare, do I still need to come see a Major Reselection advisor?

If you know the major you want to declare prior to the appointment, you can cancel the appointment through eScheduler. You are welcome to still meet/speak with Major Reselection for any other questions or resources needed.