Academic Advocacy

Major Reselection

On average, college students change their major at least three times over the course of their college career. This may be due to loss of interest, denied admission into the desired program, being dropped from an academic program due to not meeting minimum requirements, or change in post-graduate career outlooks.

Newly admitted students who have not yet started classes and are interested in changing their major on their Admissions application, should contact the Office of Admissions at 813-974-3350 for assistance.

Continuing students undergoing reselection who are interested in pursuing a specific new major should meet with an Academic Advisor in that major in order to discuss requirements, courses, and remove related holds. Some majors allow students to declare online, while others require an advising appointment.

Continuing students who are uncertain of their major are encouraged to have a conversation with their current Academic Advisor in order to identify alternative major paths. The Advisor is able to determine if the student may need additional resources or may benefit from meeting with a Career Services representative for assistance with exploring major options.

Students who are experiencing academic issues and were also redirected out of their major due to the D/F policy are encouraged to submit the Office of Academic Advocacy Intake Form to request assistance.