Tips for Success

Here are some tips for maximizing your success here at the University of South Florida:

Create a network. Meet friends and discover resources to support you through your four years. Check out New Student Connections and Week of Welcome Activities to find clubs and organizations that interest you.

Commit to your academics. Attend classes as scheduled, meet with your instructors regularly, and visit your Academic Advisor to discuss your academic planning. These steps will help ensure you stay connected to your major and graduate on-time. Your DegreeWorks audit will show you how your courses are being applied to your selected major. Make sure you check it regularly and let your Academic Advisor know if you notice any discrepancies.

Reflect on your future career goals. If you are certain of you major selection, start researching career-related opportunities. If you are not certain, do some further exploration; there are tools to assist you at Career Services.

Recognize your strengths and limitations. Building on your strengths and acknowledging your limitations is vital to your academic success. You will be challenged in new ways, so don't fall back on old habits; they may not work in this new learning environment. Utilize the Tutoring Hub and the Writing Studio located at the Academic Success Center in the Library for assistance with creating new approaches to learning.

Take responsibility. The freedom to choose includes dealing with the consequences of your choices. If you find yourself being challenged by this new freedom, there are resources to assist. Check out the Center for Student Well-Being for all the ways you can take charge of your personal wellness.

Reconnect with friends and explore ways to grow your network. Perhaps it's joining a new club or checking out more campus activities. Check out Student Life for ideas and opportunities.

Integrate high impact practices into your academic plan. This is the time to consider study abroad, internships, service learning, and research opportunities and how they will aid your academic and career goals.

Expand your network to include faculty, community leaders, and diverse groups beyond the boundaries of USF. You are not just a citizen of the USF community - you are a global citizen. Think about how you can get involved beyond campus, in interships, career shadowing, and community service learning; these experiences help build interpersonal skills and strengthen your resumé. Check out Student Success for ideas and opportunities.

Take on leadership roles. You may have been participating in a group or organization and now you are prepared to lead. Discover your passion and talents, while developing your skills and understanding of leadership and active citizenship.

Solidify your network. Strengthen the relationships you've made and the connections you've developed on and off campus. Reflect on these contacts in light of what you have learned from them and how you might stay connected after graduation. Plan to join the Student Alumni Association and consider ways you can give back.

Make graduation a reality. Meet with your Academic Advisor for a graduation check to ensure everything is in order. Submit your graduation application via OASIS within the first four weeks of the semester you intend to graduate and sign up for commencement.