Tips for Success


Congratulations on becoming a USF Bull! You have four years of exploration and discovery ahead of you, but all expeditions and explorations need preparation and planning. This year will test your preparation and challenge you to carefully consider your choices. The good news is there are plenty of resources to guide you along the way.

Here are the top 5 tips for maximizing discovery during your freshman year:

  1. Create a network. Meet friends and discover resources to support you through your four years. Check out New Student Connections and Week of Welcome Activities to find clubs and organizations.

  2. Commit to your academics. Attend classes and meet with your instructors and academic advisor regularly. You can't discover and explore unless you show up prepared for the discovery.

  3. Reflect on your choices. If you are certain of you major selection, start researching career opportunities. If you are not certain, do some further exploration. There are tools to assist you at Career Services.

  4. Recognize your strengths and limitations. Building on your strengths and acknowledging your limitations is vital to survival. You will be challenged in new ways, so don't fall back on old habits; they may not work in this new territory. Utilize Tutoring Services and the Writing Studio located at the Academic Success Center in the Library for assistance with creating new approaches to learning.

  5. Take responsibility. The freedom to choose includes dealing with the consequences of your choices. If you find yourself being challenged by this new freedom there are resources to assist. Check out the Center for Student Well-Being for all the ways you can take charge of your personal wellness.