Campus Partners


Congratulations - you have completed the first half of your degree program! The Junior year is about academic development and future potential; it is a year of expansion. You are now thinking about the relevance of your coursework and your future prospects; this is a great time to assess your choices and reinforce your goals.

Here are 5 top tips for successfully expanding into your junior year at USF:

  1. Expand your network to include faculty, community leaders, and diverse groups beyond the boundaries of USF. You are not just a citizen of the USF community - you are a global citizen. Think about how you can get involved beyond campus, in interships, career shadowing, and community service learning; these experiences help build interpersonal skills and strengthen your resumé. Check out Student Success for ideas and opportunities.

  2. Set your sights on graduation. Now is the time to clearly visualize your academic plan for your remaining semesters to finish strong. Your Academic Advisors are there to support your overall success and can offer options and clarify choices for your academic and professional plans.

  3. Reflect on your educational enhancement activities. This is the time to consider how your study abroad or research opportunities are enhancing your academic development. Be prepared to expand these opportunities and create summaries you can integrate in a resumé or interview.

  4. Work on your job seeking skills. Career Services offers workshops and personal assistance with everything from job searching to resumé writing to interviewing. Go beyond the basics and expand into new techniques and technologies that can give you an edge.

  5. Take on leadership roles. You may have been participating in a group or organization and now you are prepared to lead. Discover your passion and talents, while developing your skills and understanding of leadership and active citizenship.