Campus Partners


Congratulations - you have made it to the final year of your degree at USF! This is a significant milestone. You are now reflecting on the culmination of your efforts over the past three years and preparing yourself for the future. This year is a time to take stock of what you have achieved and take advantage of the resources available to plan your successful commencement into a lifetime of learning.

Here are 5 top tips for optimizing your senior year at USF:

  1. Solidify your network. Strengthen the relationships you've made and the connections you've developed on and off campus. Reflect on these contacts in light of what you have learned from them and how you might stay connected after graduation. Plan to join the Alumni Association for USF graduates and consider ways you can give back.

  2. Make graduation a reality. Meet with your Academic Advisor for a graduation check to ensure everything is in order. Submit your graduation application via OASIS within the first four weeks of the semester you intend to graduate and sign up for commencement.

  3. Prepare for continued civic engagement. While you've been at USF you've had opportunities to develop your understanding of what it means to be an active citizen. Consider ways to continue your efforts beyond graduation.

  4. Attend Career Services events and job fairs. Empower yourself to be the most competitive candidate by educating yourself on how to stand out from the crowd. Career Services is here to help you navigate the job search process with interviewing, resumé building, and professional preparedness. Remember these services extend for three months after graduation; after that you can still utilize the service for a fee.

  5. Transition your organizations and mentor younger members into leadership roles. Reflect on your contributions and the ways you improved your organization; translate these contributions and improvement into your resumé.