Expanded Online Tutoring

Additional third party online tutoring support is available to all students (undergraduate and graduate) via TutorMe using your Net ID. The university has partnered with TutorMe to provide FREE online tutoring in languages, computer coding, anatomy and physiology, and more!

USF is also partnering with Knack to pilot tutoring services to classes that otherwise do not have tutoring available. These include:

Bio and Health

BSC 2010 (Biology I)
BSC 2011 (Biology II)
PCB 3063 (Genetics)
BCH 3053 (Biochemistry)
PCB 3023 (Cell Biology)
PCB3043 (Ecology)
PCB 3043L (Principles of Ecology Laboratory)
BSC2085 (Human Anatomy and Physiology I)
BSC2086 (Human Anatomy and Physiology II)
BSC 2085L (Anatomy and Physiology Lab I for Nursing and other Healthcare Professionals)
BSC 2086L (Anatomy and Physiology Lab II for Nursing and other Healthcare Professionals)
BSC2093C (Anatomy and Physiology I)
PCB3712 (Physiology)


MAP2302 (Differential Equations)
MAD2104 (Discrete Math)
MGF1107 (Math for Liberal Arts)


PSY2012 (Introduction to Psychology)
PSY3212 (Research Methods)
PSY4205 (Experimental Design)

Note that Knack offers tutoring to more courses than just these; however, only the courses listed above are "sponsored" and thus free to use. In all cases, visit to get started.

Of course, we in the Academic Success Center are still providing the same services to help you succeed. Make an appointment with a tutor at the Tutoring Hub, schedule an appointment with a writing consultant at the Writing Studio, improve your study skills with help from a Study Skills Mentor, other academic support and tips available.

We are here to assist with your academic needs!