The Joint Military Leadership Center (JMLC)


Joint Color Guard


To provide Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) cadets/midshipmen/officer candidates with unique core competencies and skills in leadership development, global understanding, and national security/military/defense strategies. In coordination with the individual service ROTC programs, the "end state" is to enhance the ROTC curriculum to prepare future military officers for their leadership roles in the continuing transformation of America's Armed Forces in the dynamic and challenging global environment.


The University of South Florida is one of only 50 campuses in the nation that host ROTC programs from all of the nation's Armed Services (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force). A total of 319 college and university campuses in America host an ROTC program from at least one Armed Service. More than 300 undergraduate men and women currently participate in the USF ROTC programs. Most of them attend undergraduate classes exclusively at the University of South Florida, but many are undergraduate students at nearby colleges and universities that do not have their own ROTC program, faculty, and facilities.


Consistent with the mission of the University of South Florida, a global, research university, The Joint Military Leadership Center focuses on preparing future commissioned officers to lead in a joint, multi-national environment through providing and maintaining a unique, state of the art, joint training facility for ROTC; sponsorship of joint activities; and promotion of joint planning and inter-service cooperation.


The Joint Military Leadership Center develops and implements educational programs to enhance the quality of the ROTC curriculum. Students will gain a better understanding and appreciation for the capabilities, limitations and culture of each military service and the challenges and value of joint operations. These programs include:

  1. Sponsorship of relevant speakers from the Department of Defense, the Armed Services, Unified Combatant Commands, and the Senior National Representatives of the Coalition at U.S. Central Command.
  2. An ROTC Living Learning Community (LLC) established in the university's Housing and Residential Education Department.
  3. Student visits to MacDill Air Force Base and Unified Combatant Commands - U.S Central Command (USCENTCOM) and U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).
  4. Promotion of cross-cultural competence and study of foreign languages and cultures.

An ROTC Center of Excellence

As a result of sponsoring The Joint Military Leadership Center, the University of South Florida plays a significant role in the education and development of student leaders who, in turn, experience and understand the unique challenges associated with leadership in a joint, multi-national environment as they train to become skilled commissioned officers in America's Armed Services.


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