How to Join

Incoming Freshman and Current College Students

Being that ROTC is a college elective, anyone can sign up for the course and participate for the first two-years without any commitment. Those interested in joining the Suncoast Battalion ROTC program should meet a few requirements:

  • Be a full-time student at USF or one of our crosstown affiliates
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • SAT score of 920 or ACT score of 19 or a GT score of 110.
  • Be willing to meet Army's height and weight standard
  • Be approved by a physician to conduct physical training
  • Be a current U.S. citizen

Registering for the course can be done with your academic adviser or on your personal account (Oasis for USF students), by entering the course registration number (CRN). For first and second year students, you have the option to take class on Monday and Thursday or Wednesday and Thursday. 

Fall 2018 Course Registration Number's:
tactical day

First - year cadets: 

    • Monday class option - 82316
    • Wednesday class option - 85752

Second - year cadets:

    • Monday class option - 82317
    • Wednesday class option - 85754

Green to Gold Options

 If you're an enlisted soldier, Army ROTC can help you continue to grow and learn. The Army Green to Gold program provides options for Soldiers interested in pursuing a baccalaureate or graduate degree and earning a commission as an Army Officer. There are three options for those interested: 

  • Scholarship Option - For those who are considering leaving Active Duty to attend college while receiving full tuition or room and board (capped), flat rate book payment and a monthly stipend.
  • Non-Scholarship Option - For Soldiers who are considering leaving Active Duty to attend college while receiving a monthly stipend.
  • Active Duty Option - For Soldiers who want to remain on Active Duty and attend college. 

Benefits include:

  • Soldiers selected to participate in this program will continue to receive their current pay and allowances while in the program (up to a maximum of 24 consecutive months).
  • If qualified, Montgomery G.I. Bill / Army College Fund (MGIB/ACF) benefits
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill
  • Normal PCS entitlements


  • U.S. Citizen (non-waivable)
  • Age - Be under 30 years of age on the date of the projected graduation and commission. (waivers can be requested)
  • Cannot have been convicted of a Domestic Violence Crime
  • Have a minimum of 2 years Active Duty at the time of application as well as 3 months of Active Duty for every one month of specialized training (waiver can be requested)
  • GT score of 110 or greater
  • Pass the APFT within the last 6 months with score of 180 or higher, minimum of 60 points in each event
  • College Grade Point Average of 2.5
  • Letter of Acceptance to School of Choice offering Army ROTC
  • Letter of Acceptance from the PMS of that Army ROTC Battalion
  • Favorable National Agency Check (or have initiated the action)
  • DODMERB Medical Qualification
  • Be eligible to Reenlist
  • Not be a conscientious objector
  • No more than 3 dependents including spouse (waivable)

Those apply for Green to Gold Duty option program must ensure they are requesting admission to their school of choice to begin in the Fall Semester.

Apply online for the Green to Gold Program by creating an account through the Go Army Webpage at the following link:

Create an Account