Global Context

The Global Context focuses on the process referred to as globalization. That is, the process through which the magnitude and rate of the movement of people, production processes, capital, goods, services, ideas, and information across national boundaries are being intensified. The process of globalization includes the impact that the movement of peoples and the internationalization of production for the global market have on the natural and cultural environment. Students should become familiar with the structure of the global system and the various forms of inequity that it entails, as well as the contending socially positioned views of people globally regarding the effects and value of globalization. The importance of understanding the process of globalization lies in the fact that it is changing the social, economic, cultural, and environmental character of all societies. The study of such changes is related to all other areas of study in the General Education curriculum, especially to the understanding of environmental, cultural, economic, gender, and social diversity.

Study of the global context should include a basic knowledge and critical understanding of the following: