FKL Courses

Capstone Learning Experience

Students must complete six (6) credit hours of upper-level Capstone Learning Experience courses: at least 1 Writing Intensive Capstone course (3 credit hours) and at least 1 Capstone course (3 credit hours).

Writing Intensive Capstone Courses

Writing Intensive Capstones continue the emphasis of the FKL Core Curriculum on writing. In addition, these courses may focus on writing within your academic discipline. In these courses, you will gain skills that prepare you for professional work or graduate studies. In all cases, the emphasis is on the processes of communication both within and among disciplines and for multiple audiences.

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Capstone Courses

Capstone courses provide students with a culminating educational experience either for the major or for the FKL Core Curriculum. Capstone courses within the major discipline typically bring together knowledge from the discipline into a culminating learning experience for deeper understanding of the discipline. These courses, by definition, must lead to a summative product such as a project, a paper, a proposal, or a performance.

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