FKL Core Curriculum for Students

Learning Outcomes

The FKL Core Curriculum presents the knowledge, skills, and understandings that are expected of all individuals who graduate from USF, including transfer students. Learning outcomes were developed by the USF General Education Council to address each of the Core Areas in the FKL Core Curriculum and the dimensions that all students will experience as part of this program. These outcomes are assessed as a measure of student learning throughout the program.

  1. Students will be able to critically evaluate information in light of its logical consistency, evidence, and justification of conclusions, analyze and explain relationships between presented information and concepts; uncover underlying assumptions and arguments, and consider multiple hypotheses and interpretations before formulating opinions.
  2. Students will produce well-organized, well-developed papers that reflect appropriate use of language to achieve a specific purpose and addresses a specific audience.
  3. Students will be able to explain or demonstrate artistic or human expression.
  4. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the diversity of human experiences.
  5. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the complexity and dynamic nature of local and global processes (e.g., social, political, economic systems).
  6. Students will demonstrate an ability to use graphical, symbolic, and numerical methods to analyze, organize, and interpret natural phenomena.
  7. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the scientific process, including hypothesis formulation and testing, identifying relevant variables, and evaluating the appropriateness of research designs.
  8. Students will demonstrate the ability to describe historical events and multiple interpretations of historical events using arguments supported by appropriate historical evidence.