FKL Core Curriculum for Students

FKL Requirements

The FKL Core Curriculum is divided into two parts:

  1. 36 credit hours (usually 12 courses) of lower-level General Education courses, usually completed by the end of your sophomore year.
  2. 6 credit hours (usually 2 courses) of upper-level Capstone Learning Experience courses, usually taken during the junior or senior year.
Core Area Requirement
English Composition 6 credit hours  
Fine Arts 3 credit hours  
Humanities 6 credit hours  
Human and Cultural Diversity in a Global Context 3 credit hours  
Mathematics 6 credit hours


3 credit hours
Quantitative Reasoning   3 credit hours
Physical Sciences 3 credit hours  
Life Sciences 3 credit hours  
Social and Behavioral Sciences 6 credit hours  

1. To fulfill the General Education portion of the FKL Core Curriculum, you will need to take:

2. To fulfill the upper-level Capstone Learning Experience requirement of the FKL Core Curriculum, you will need to take:

Grade Requirement

You must receive a minimum grade of "C-" in each course and an overall grade of 2.0 to fulfill any FKL requirement in General Education and the Capstone Learning Experience. S/U grades are not acceptable for USF FKL courses.

An upper-level course may fulfill a requirement within your major while also fulfilling a requirement in the FKL Core Curriculum. Check with your departmental advisor for details.