For Students

Academic Processes

Academic Regulations Committee (ARC)
Information on Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) petition process including guidelines, academic reinstatement, and forms.

Change of Institution Process
Effective Spring 2017, the USF System Change of Institution Form and Procedures located on this website should be utilized when a student wishes to change from one USF institution to another.

Double Majors & Dual Degrees
Students may elect to graduate with two majors or two baccalaureate degrees to meet their educational goals. Information for students choosing to pursue a double major or dual degree can be found in this section.

Grade Forgiveness
USF's forgiveness policy permits an undergraduate student to repeat a course and have the repeated grade computed in
his/her GPA in place of the original grade, providing the repeat grade is posted as "D-" or higher

Leadership Studies Minor Declaration Form
Students who are interested in declaring the Leadership Studies minor should complete this form and submit it to the Office of Undergraduate Studies either in person on by email (email address located on the form).

Major Declaration
The process for declaring your major depends on the college where it is housed. This section provides information on how to declare a major in each college at USF.

Major Reselection
Changing majors is sometimes a part of the college experience. Information on the process of changing majors can be found in this section.

Transient Enrollment/Cross Enrollment
Students wishing to take courses at an institution outside of the University of South Florida System must follow the Transient Enrollment/Cross Enrollment procedures listed in this section.