OUR Students

Learning About Research

Engaging in undergraduate research is transformational and highly beneficial to students, faculty and the greater university community. Many studies show that students involved in undergraduate research achieve higher grades, have a deeper understanding of their chosen discipline and are more competitive for jobs, national awards and admission to graduate and professional school.


In a recent poll of employers, 93% said that a candidate's undergraduate major was less significant than a candidate's ability to communicate effectively and apply knowledge to real-world problem solving.


Nicole Libell


I got started in Undergraduate Research through the OUR acting as my liaison. Both of my research projects are out of the College of Nursing, conducted in the ICU's of Tampa General Hospital. The first study focuses on the oral health of intubated patients while in the ICU. The second study focuses on delirium experienced by patients who are waking up from comas in the ICU.

Sanim Rahman

I began research the first semester of my freshmen year under Dr. Bhethanabotla and Dr. Frisina in the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Department. My research is focused on developing next-generation neural prosthetics by developing a nanomaterial-enabled optical neural stimulation device. I am currently working on two projects, computational and experimental, to understand the molecular biophysics of our neural stimulation. I have published a paper and presented at four local conferences where I won a few outstanding poster presentation awards. I was named a 2017 Goldwater Honorable Mention and participated in the NSF Functional Materials and Manufacturing Institute REU program this past summer.