Undergrad Research Conference 2019

Undergraduate Research Conference

Congratulations to all of the faculty mentors and undergraduate researchers who presented at the 2019 USF Undergraduate Research Conference! Thank you to all of the administrators, faculty, staff, and Tampa Bay community who came out to support USF’s students.

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Spring 2019
Date Time Location
April 4, 2019 10:30 am - 7:30 pm MSC Ballroom


When is the last day to submit an abstract for the 2019 Undergraduate Research Conference?

The latest date to enroll in the Undergraduate Research Conference Canvas Course is Friday, March 1, 2019 at 11:59 pm. If students do not enroll in the course by this date, they will not be able to present at this year's conference.

For students who are enrolled by the due date, they will have until Friday, March 8, 2019 by 11:59 pm to submit their abstract. This is the final date for submission. We are encouraging students to submit earlier rather than later.

Why are we using Canvas for the conference submissions?

Canvas allows us to track students interested in presenting at the undergraduate research conference in real time. We can see exactly where a student is at in the submission process and can use these insights to offer just-in time development and guidance through course announcements and feedback. We can also see WHO will be presenting (i.e. first year, major, college, etc.). Also the course is an easy way to help us manage communications, submissions, etc. related to the conference in one place.

The most important thing is to encourage students to ENROLL as early as possible.

So everyone enrolled in the course will be able to present at the conference?

No. If a student is enrolled but does not submit an abstract by March 8th, they will not be able to present at the conference. Abstracts are reviewed by a team of faculty and staff and must meet the specified criteria in the rubric to be accepted for the conference.

When will students be informed whether their abstract was accepted or not?

Decisions on abstracts are given on a rolling basis. Once a student submits an abstract, they will usually know within a few days whether it was accepted or not.
The key is: Enroll and Submit.

What guidance will students receive on abstract and poster submissions?

By enrolling in the Undergraduate Research Conference Canvas Course, students receive built-in professional development on what an abstract is, its major components, and what goes into writing an effective abstract. There are even practice exercises to help them identify what a well-crafted abstract looks like.

Students are given a rubric and asked to write and submit their own abstract. They are encouraged to show their abstract to as many people as possible and get feedback before their final submission.

This same pattern is followed for creating the research poster and instruction on how to communicate their research to a public audience. The goal of OUR is to guide students through each step and alleviate any anxiety they have about the research dissemination process.