Undergraduate research is a valuable high-impact practice (Kuh, 2008) that allows faculty to get to know, and mentor students in a multidimensional manner. Faculty from all departments are encouraged to help cultivate student research skills by directing them to OUR opportunities, and by supporting students through research mentorship. We welcome faculty mentors at all experience levels, and we are ready to support you in supporting our students.


Why mentor students in undergraduate research?

We can think of several reasons!

  1. You get free assistance performing the disciplinary research you are so passionate about.
  2. You are helping students in the process, both in their learning about the content itself, as well as the close work with a faculty member. This personalized attention inspires them, motivates them, and has a deep impact on them and their future success. All of this is well-documented by published studies. You really can change a life in the process.
  3. Your name and research work will be honored and immortalized in the Faculty Spotlight section of our website.
  4. Your participation in undergraduate research will be counted at the College level if your student(s) are receiving the on-transcript free course noting the research, for which you will be added as a 0.0 FTE instructor of record.
  5. Our office will send you an annual letter of participation in these efforts for your records, which can be a part of your annual report to the Department.