Job Titles, Job Families

Classification System and Salary Plans

Employment at USF is organized into broad Salary Plans (also called pay plans). These are Staff, Administration, Executive Service, Faculty and Temporary. Benefits and compensation are linked to the salary or pay plan.

  1. STAFF positions are assigned professional, paraprofessional, administrative, clerical, secretarial, technical, skilled crafts, service, or maintenance duties.
  2. ADMINISTRATION positions are assigned administrative and management responsibilities or professional duties at the department/unit level, or above. Administration employment is at will and can be terminated at any time in accordance with University Regulations.
  3. EXECUTIVE SERVICE positions ordinarily report directly to the President, unless otherwise specified in writing, and include the vice presidents and other positions responsible for policy making at the executive level.
  4. FACULTY positions are assigned the principal responsibility of teaching, research, or public service, or administrative responsibility for functions directly related to the academic mission.
  5. TEMPORARY employment is at will with fixed duration. Temporary jobs are organized into a number of categories, each with its own distinctive policies and procedures.

The Administration, Staff and Executive Service salary plans contain a number of formal job classifications which are organized into broad job families.

Job Families and Job Titles

Job families group jobs which involve work of the same very broad nature or purpose, but require varying levels of skill and responsibility. Most of the job families contain both Staff and Administration jobs. For example, "Administrative & Business Services" is a job family. "Office Manager" and "Staff Assistant" are Staff jobs in this family. "Manager Fiscal and Business Administration" and "Fiscal and Business Analyst" are Administration jobs in the family.

In all cases, a job may only reside in one job family. However, jobs in a family may not be unique to a single department, college, campus or program; i.e. jobs in the same job family may reside in the same department or in different departments across the University.