USF/State Retiree Reemployment

Please be aware that certain restrictions apply to former employees collecting a pension or having taken a withdrawal from a State pension plan under the Florida Retirement System. Reemployment prior to completing the required break may result in a suspension or loss of your benefits. It is an applicant's responsibility to follow the FRS requirements when applying for reemployment.

These definitions and restrictions are from the Department of Management Services webpage in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document on Retirement.

You are considered "retired" from the Florida Retirement System (FRS) if:

  1. You have received any benefits under the FRS Pension Plan (including DROP), or
  2. You have taken any distribution (including a rollover) from the FRS Investment Plan, or alternative retirement programs offered by state universities (SUSORP), state community colleges (SCCORP), state government for senior managers (SMSOAP), or local governments for senior managers.

These restrictions are especially critical for DROP participants, as returning to work too soon could result in having to repay and forfeit the large lump-sum DROP payout. If you retire and wish to come back to work here at US, please contact the Human Resources office prior to signing any employment paperwork.

Additionally, all reemployed FRS retirees, hired on or after July 1, 2010 are not eligible to earn an additional State retirement benefit of any kind. Rehired retirees will not be earning service credit toward a second retirement. Please review the Department of Management Services FAQ document on Retirement for important information before applying and/or accepting a new offer of employment from USF.