Faculty-Led Programs


Faculty-led education abroad experiences are programs in which the academic instruction on site is provided by USF faculty or host-country instructors teaching existing courses equivalent to those available at USF. Typically, they are short-term (from 1 to 12 weeks) and offered during the summer or winter/spring breaks. Faculty-led semester-long programs is an area of development, but is less common.

EAO encourages early, informal consultation by faculty and units for program planning and encourages coordinated programming among departments. 

In order to programs are developed in time for recruitment each year, proposals are due the academic year before. All proposals are submitted by colleges on behalf of their departments. Some colleges have earlier deadlines in order to carefully review proposed programming and evaluate the impact on their overall internationalization plan. Faculty members are encouraged to speak to their chairs and their college dean's designated representative for global affairs to insure they meet any internal deadlines. The Education Abroad Office welcomes early consultation and are happy to assist interested faculty members and departments think through their intended programming prior to initiating the proposal process.

Due to current limitations, the Education Abroad Office cannot accept proposals for new programs for academic year 2021 - 2022. We will be review proposals received from the previous year and determining which we will be able to develop for the coming academic year.

Department Sponsored Faculty-Led Program Deadlines
(All dates are the academic year before the intended trip)

  • Fall or Winter Break Programming: November 1*
  • Spring Break, Spring, and Summer Programming: January 31*

* These are the deadlines to submit completed proposals to the Education Abroad Office. Some colleges may have earlier deadlines, please speak to your chair or ADG (Assistant Dean for Global) for internal college deadlines.