USF International Festival

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Glo-Bull Ambassador Program

Students who have participated in a USF Education Abroad experience are eligible to become Glo-Bull Ambassadors. Glo-Bull Ambassadors share their overseas experience and knowledge with students who are thinking about studying abroad or are in the process of preparing for their trip.

Global Achievement Awards

USF World is proud to announce the inaugural Global Achievement Awards Program. Our first year of awards will recognize the remarkable ongoing work of our faculty, staff, administrators and organizations as together we raise the global reputation of USF.

International Education Month & Festival

International Education Week is celebrated in more than 100 countries. This year, USF World is hosting a full month of events to recognize the university's global connection across departments. At the end of November USF brings together different cultures through food, music, and entertainment at the annual International Festival. Check back soon for the official date and get ready to experience one of USF's largest cultural events on campus!

USF World International Photo Competition

To celebrate diversity and promote cross-cultural understanding, USF World is proud to sponsor the annual International Photo Competition. This contest is designed to offer USF students, professors, staff, and alumni an opportunity to share their international experiences with the University.