U.S Rep. David Jolly on the House floor.

U.S Rep. David Jolly brings closed container of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes bred in a USF laboratory to House floor to highlight need for Zika research funding.

Dr. Charles J. Lockwood speaks to NBC Nightly News

After confirmation of the first non-travel related case of Zika virus in Tampa Bay, Dr. Charles Lockwood, senior VP of USF Health and Morsani College of Medicine dean, speaks to NBC Nightly News.



Dr. Charles J. Lockwood: Top 3 things we need to do about Zika.

Zika: Moving Forward. The top 3 things that we need to do by Dr. Charles J. Lockwood.

Recap video from Zika at Our Doorstep conference

The University of South Florida brought together top researchers, legislators and community leaders in the region's tourism, transportation and health care industries to discuss the Zika virus and ideas for solutions to address the rapidly evolving medical and public health threat.



Best ways to protect yourself against Zika

Learn more from USF professor Dr. Robert Novak, an expert in mosquito biology and behavior, along with tips on the best ways to protect yourself.