SARASOTA-MANATEE CAMPUS homecoming 2020 court 

Andrea Anchorena

Why do you believe you should be crowned Homecoming Royalty?
When I first began attending the University of South Florida, I was self-conscious and shy. During my time at USF, I've experienced remarkable growth from the lessons I've learned in my involvement in student organizations. I went from being a shy, new student, to a self-assured, passionate Bull. The reason I want to be crowned as Homecoming Royalty is to express my appreciation to USF, showing my Bull pride, and through my story, encouraging students who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone to take the risk and find a community who will support them and help them succeed.

Scarleth AndinO

Why do you believe you should be crowned Homecoming Royalty?
As I am graduating in Spring 2021, running for Homecoming Royalty is a milestone in my college career. Homecoming is a big part of USF traditions as well as demonstrating Bull pride. Over the years at the Sarasota-Manatee campus, I have volunteered to help bring to life many events that highlight those traditions that we all know and love at our University. Since transferring to USF, I have grown academically, personally, and gained many valuable relationships within our USF system. I believe running for Homecoming royalty is a big honor and something I would not have the confidence to do in the past. As I am close to graduation, I believe that the experiences I had at USF will always be with me. One day, I hope to come back as an alumnus and share my experiences with students who share my same background as motivation not to feel discouraged when many doors shut close as one like USF opens its doors to students.

Jared Goldstein

Why do you believe you should be crowned Homecoming Royalty?
I believe I should be crowned Homecoming Royalty because as a student of the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus, I have experienced a certain type of growth that has made me a better person, and as a result a much better student. Although the Tampa campus has excellent amenities and provides plenty of resources to its students, I simply feel more comfortable and more at home when I am on campus at Sarasota-Manatee. This campus and the faculty who manage it are the reason why I believe I should be crowned Homecoming Royalty; because of the support, encouragement, and knowledge that they continue to provide me with, I have become very wise, and although a degree is valuable, true wisdom is priceless

Luz Olguin

Why do you believe you should be crowned Homecoming Royalty?
Homecoming Royalty. Two simple words with so much meaning to many students. As for me, those two words mean more than students being awarded a crown and sash. I came into this running to change the average meaning of Homecoming Royalty. I am not your typical traditional student. In fact, aside of being a full-time Elementary Education student, I am also a full-time mother to a 9-month-old baby boy. I am Mexican- American and I still proudly live with my parents. Due to COVID-19, it brought many uncertainties and many feelings discouraged, such as myself. Our college community went from being overflooded with events and celebrations to being empty classrooms and hallways. I want to use this opportunity as an experience to uplift the USF community and fuel back the green and gold spirit! As well as represent student mothers and show that we can also be more than just students with kids!

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