Excellence at Work

On-campus Publix

January 3, 2018 - The construction of USF’s on-campus Publix, a first of its kind for the grocery chain, is getting underway near the corner of Palm Dr. and Fletcher Ave., next to “The Village”. 

Energy Efficient LED Lighting Conversion in Parking Lots and Garages

Parking and Transportation Services along with Facilities Management are converting all parking garage lights and parking lot lights to longer lasting and more energy efficient LED lights. This is a multi-phase project, started in 2017, will reduce utility costs and improve safety. The project is being funded by the Student Green Energy Fund.

Emergency Door Lock Buttons in Classrooms

Facilities Management is installing push button emergency door lock systems to enable occupants to quickly and easily lockdown the room during emergency situations. When activated, room occupants will be able to exit the space, but the doors will be locked from the outside. In 2017 emergency door lock buttons were installed in the 20 largest classrooms campus, Facilities Management will continue installing the systems in classroom across campus as part of a multi-phase plan. Read FAQs about the emergency door lock buttons.