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USF College of Nursing surges to No. 28 in Blue Ridge Institute research funding rankings

The University of South Florida College of Nursing earned an exceptional 14-spot increase in the newest rankings from Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research (BRIMR), standing now at 28 among nursing schools with the most funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

“This ranking is truly a testament to our bold commitment to nursing science and the relentless dedication of our faculty as the driving force behind improved patient outcomes and advancements in health care,” said Usha Menon, PhD, RN, FAAN, FSBM, senior associate vice president of USF Health and dean of the College of Nursing.

USF College of Nursing PhD Students

BRIMR, an independent nonprofit organization, annually releases rankings of institutions, departments, and investigators based on their funding from the NIH. These rankings are commonly referenced as an indicator of scientific vitality and have been utilized to analyze funding patterns among individual grantees and academic disciplines.

"From trailblazing cancer research to breast milk and gut microbiome exploration, the impact of our nursing science enterprise extends far beyond the confines of the college," said Ukamaka M. Oruche, PhD, RN, PHMCNS-BC, FAAN, senior associate dean of research and director of PhD program at the College of Nursing. 

Among our latest and most notable research studies are:

  • Web-based CBT for Insomnia in Rural Dementia Caregivers: Examination of Sleep, Arousal, Mood, Cognitive, and Immune Outcomes -- R01 (NIH)
  • Improving Sleep and Reducing Opioid Use in Individuals with Chronic Pain -- R01 (NIH)
  • Delivery of PrEP to Key Populations in Kenya: Applying Coincidence Analysis to Determine Effective Implementation Strategies -- R21 (NIH)
  • The Positively Quit Trial: Addressing disproportionate smoking rates among people living with HIV -- R01 (NIH)
  • Home-Based Physical Activity Intervention for Taxane-Induced CIPN -- R01 (NIH)
  • Exploring the Use of a Web-Based Program for Older Adults Receiving Oral Anticancer Agents to Improve Communication and Self-Management -- R03 (NIH)
  • The Scientific Value of Premature Infant Biospecimens Collection -- R21(NIH)

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