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University of South Florida: A Preeminent Research University

In new study, USF researchers connect Florida malaria outbreak with South and Central America

For people in the United States, an outbreak of malaria might seem exotic, a health issue in a remote or far-away part of the world.

July 19, 2024Research & Innovation

genetic testing

USF researcher pinpoints areas of the human genome linked to PTSD

A new study from Dr. Monica Uddin, published in the journal Nature Genetics, sheds light on the link between genetic variation and mental stress disorders.

July 5, 2024Research & Innovation

group of activists teaching at a middle school

Building leadership skills one school at a time

In order to educate school-aged youth for future leadership roles, the COPH Activist Lab conducted a study examine the role of teaching advocacy and leadership skills to this population.

May 28, 2024Research & Innovation

Sad nurse in hospital setting

Can health and wellness coaching relieve burnout, stress in health care workers?

COPH DrPH student Sarah Scharf shared preliminary findings from her qualitative doctoral project during a virtual webinar hosted by Wellcoaches in December.

May 10, 2024Research & Innovation

researchers looking through microscopes

COPH faculty recognized as top 2% of researchers

COPH faculty are among 164 USF faculty members recognized as the Top 2% of researchers in their field by Stanford’s annual ranking based on citations during calendar year 2022.

April 19, 2024Research & Innovation

man in a laboratory

To fight malaria parasite, researchers try tricking it with a time-travel strategy

USF Health researchers are working to advance the understanding of how malaria becomes resistant to the most popular drug used to treat the disease.

April 8, 2024Research & Innovation

Older man lying in hospital bed and older woman holds his hand.

What happens when families and medical proxies disagree about end-of-life decisions?

Disagreements about end-of-life care are common, pitting family members and medical proxies against each other and posing a myriad of ethical and legal questions.

April 5, 2024Research & Innovation

Woman signing health insurance forms.

The FPRC and FL-CK&F team up to create more accessible health insurance messaging

Two COPH groups—Florida Covering Kids & Families and the Florida Prevention Research Center—recently teamed up to create clearer, more effective health insurance marketing messages during the Medicaid unwinding process.

March 22, 2024Alumni & Development, College News, Research & Innovation

USF Health Panama group at IDICASAT headquarters

Partnership growth in Panama

A team of USF Health professors representing the USF Genomics and Internal Medicine-Infectious Disease traveled to Panama in February. The delegation was focused on strengthening existing Panamanian partnerships, discovering new programs and visiting local health institutions, while providing a forum for the USF faculty to share current research projects.

March 7, 2024Alumni & Development, College News, Research & Innovation

University of South Florida: A Preeminent Research University

How parenting impacts the incidence of depression among Black youth

Black American youth have disproportionately higher rates of depression when compared to youth of other races. The reasons, says Dr. Xonjenese Jacobs, a USF College of Public Health alum and current director of Florida Covering Kids & Families, are multifaceted.

February 23, 2024College News, Research & Innovation

Pregnant woman with child and father at a prenatal appointment.

How do we provide supportive care throughout pregnancy? MCHSO aims to address this question at annual symposium

The COPH's Maternal Child Health Student Organization will host its 15th annual spring symposium this year from March 21-22. This year’s event titled, “Supportive Care Throughout Pregnancy: How We All Come Together," centers on how everyone has a part to play in ensuring mothers, birthing people and children are equitably cared for to become well and flourish.

February 23, 2024Community Engagement, Research & Innovation, Student Life

IV drip in hospital

COPH grad works to lower heparin medication errors

Heparin dosing is challenging say pharmacists like Dr. Deborah Booth, a USF College of Public Health graduate who earned her MPH in December, because patient-specific factors, such as age or weight, can alter the medication’s properties.

February 12, 2024Alumni & Development, College News, Research & Innovation

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