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  • USF 3D printed swabs

    3D-printed nasal swabs designed by USF Health to address COVID-19 virus testing shortages are in use around the world. [Allison Long, USF Health]

  • 3D printed clear face mask

    The Mini-Circuits Design for X Laboratory produces face shields for health-care professionals. As of mid-May, the lab had produced nearly 10,000. [Courtesy of Michael Celestin]

  • Three Alumni standing in between moving trucks.

    Chris Scott, center, co-owner of Belleair Market, poses with Tony Hernandez of RCS Food Bank, left, and Vince Eady, right, and Scott Boing of Sysco Foods, on the ground.

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Summer 2020

Cover art for Summer 2020 USF Magazine.

Stories from across the university detail just a few of USF’s many responses to the pandemic.

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