Resources and Forms

Citizen Complaints

It is important that our community members receive fair and impartial treatment from the employees of the University Police Department. At any time a community member has a concern about the actions of an employee of the University Police, they can speak to a supervisor to discuss that concern.

Event Request Form

Events on campus should be submitted via the USF Event Request Form. USFPD will contact you if we need more information about your event.

Records Request

USFPD is responsible for fulfilling public records requests for copies of law enforcement reports in accordance with the Florida Public Records Law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most common questions we receive.

University Policy

All university policies can be found on the USF General Counsel Website.

Wellness and Advocacy programs

There are many programs at USF to promote the health and wellness of our community. Here are some of the programs offered.

Personal Property / Bike Registration

Register your bike and/or property online with University Police.