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CoTA PCard Procedures

CoTA Business Office PCard Contact
Tiffany Taylor: (813) 974-1699 -

For complete USF PCard information, please visit the USF PCard website.
For PCard guidelines, download the USF PCard Guidelines Manual.

After making a PCard purchase, download the CoTA PCard Receipt Form, fill it out, attach receipt and submit to your Department's Office Manager.

PCard Process (NOT Travel Related)

  1. Cardholder purchases allowable commodity or service.
  2. Fill out CoTA PCard Receipt form, attach original receipt and submit to CoTA Business Office no later than 3 business days following the purchase
  3. CoTA Business Office directs charge to correct chartfield provided by Cardholder/Office Manager.
  4. At the end of a monthly billing cycle, CoTA Business Office reconciles all charges with monthly statement and sends statement out for signatures.
  5. Cardholder and Supervisor review and sign the monthly statement. Monthly statement is returned to CoTA Business Office
  6. CoTA Business office makes one copy of monthly statement for CoTA PCard reconcilication; scans the monthly statement to PCard Compliance and submits original receipts for CoTA chartfield reconciliation.

PCard Process (Travel Related)

Prior to travel

During travel

After travel

PCard Notes

Lost or stolen card

For individuals wanting to obtain PCard

Cardholders, who want to cancel PCard or employment is terminated or retire, must:

Upon transfer within or termination (resignation, retirement) from the USF System, cardholders should:

CoTA Business Office - PCard Contact 

Name: Tiffany Taylor
Phone: (813) 974-1699
Office: FAH 136
Mailpoint: FAH 110