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Interactive Teaching:
Scrapbook Selection –
Put students in groups and give each group a big pile of printed photos (best if laminated – maybe different shapes/sizes?) Ask them to choose one as a group that epitomizes their reaction/definition of the topic being discussed, and explain why.
See the larger collection of interactive tips here:

Web 2.0 Tools:
Wylio –Wylio is an online search-engine that allows users to find copyright-compliant images from Google for pasting into blogs and webpages.
See the larger collection of Web 2.0 tools here:

Pictures on the Page – When using Pages, it can be very beneficial to embed images directly on the page to provide color and break up the text. Do this by first uploading images to a location in your Files directory, then back on the Page look for the image icon (a green tree symbol) and select the "Canvas" tab for the image source, then double-click the filename. See the Instructor Guide here:

Blog Link:
"Five unfortunate misunderstandings that almost all educators have about Bloom's Taxonomy" – Author Grant Wiggins debunks common problems that occur when faculty only maintain a shallow view of the famous taxonomy, including the supposed divide between lower-order and higher-order thinking.


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------------------------NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS------------------------

Announcement: Use Chrome for Workshop Registration
We've been hearing from several folks that our workshop registration system might not work well with Firefox. We're recommending the use of Chrome instead to register, as we've heard of no problems there. 


 ------------------------THIS WEEK----------------------- 

Workshop: Engineering a Mindful Course: Mindful Practice in Post-Secondary Instruction
Mindful practices have a myriad of benefits for faculty and students, from alleviating stress and symptoms of depression, to improved mental focus. Additionally, Mindful instructional strategies infused in course syllabi and instructional techniques can cultivate a deeper understanding and dialogue between faculty and students on controversial topics. In this workshop, tips and techniques for engineering a Mindful course will be provided. Facilitators: Natalie Keefer, Ph.D. and Jean Mulloy, Ph.D. Held in SOC-025 (basement).
Tue., March 24, 1:00-2:00

Workshop: Growth Mindsets: Why it Matters and How to Instill it in Your Students
Our reaction to failures and fears of potential new ones guide our very approach to learning, and indeed to life in general. Instructors can put structures in place to guide students away from fixed mindsets and into growth mindsets, which ultimately may matter more than any content we teach them. Held in SOC-025 (basement).
Thurs., March 26, 3:30-4:30

Workshop: Cultivating a Culture of Academic Integrity
This workshop is designed to familiarize you with Turnitin, USF's new plagiarism detection software in Canvas, and to stimulate discussion about ways faculty can discourage student academic misconduct. Held in SOC-025 (basement).
Fri., March 27, 2:00-3:00

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops take place in SOC-025. Register online for all workshops:


                                                    ------------------------OLDER ANNOUNCEMENTS------------------------

iClicker Software Update

1. Download entirely new software from here – either Mac or PC (these are the same links as always, but just updated):

2. Drag over the following, from the OLD software to the NEW software:
a. The entire "classes" folder (this will make ALL of your old i>clicker scores/registrations/data transfer over).
b. The following files that are found inside the "resources" folder (put these files into the "resources" folder of the new software):
i. CMS_Wizard

Announcement: Lecture Hall WiFi Upgrades
Recently most of the large lecture halls on campus have had their WiFi capabilities expanded, if needed, so that more simultaneous connections are possible. It should now be possible in most large lecture halls to implement "Bring Your Own Device" response systems, such as the free Polls For Canvas for smartphones (more info here:, as well as the full-service clicker companies and their "use your own device" wireless products.

New Section of ATLE Web Site on Policies

ATLE's Web site has added a new section on "policies and procedures" to provide links to faculty all in one place.
Have a look:

New ATLE page for Higher Education Glossary
Joining our recent glossary of USF-specific terms ( we now have a glossary of terms for Higher Education in general. This is sure to be of use to instructors from outside the United States!

Canvas Help Files

There are several help files to get you going with Canvas:

Canvas Listserv
We've created a faculty-to-faculty listserv so that you can email each other with ideas, news, announcements, tricks, tips and workarounds about using Canvas (or ask questions of other subscribers). Several support staff will also be part of the list. To subscribe, visit and locate "Canvas" in the alphabetical list, then click it to find the link to JOIN CANVAS.

"Teaching Essentials" Online Guide to Teaching
This free online "course" on how to teach was developed by national leaders in the field of education, and includes many videos and interactive features. There is no sign-up date, as enrollment is ongoing. Open to faculty member, adjuncts, and teaching assistants. Visit to learn more and self-enroll.

Instructional Resource Guide
A fully-online guide to the policies, procedures, resources, and services available to instructional staff at USF.
Open to faculty member, adjuncts, and teaching assistants.
No registration needed:

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