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------------------------TIPS OF THE WEEK------------------------

Interactive Teaching:
Icebreaker: Two Truths and a Lie –
Go around the room and ask each student to relate two true statements and one falsehood about themselves, without giving away which is false.
See the larger collection of interactive tips here:

Web 2.0 Tools:
Wordle – Wordle is an online "word cloud" generator that illustrates the frequency of word use in a passage.
See the larger collection of Web 2.0 tools here:

Embed Twitter Hashtags or Feeds – Using the LTI under Settings/Apps, you can enable a twitter embed button in the Pages navigation. When you elect to deploy the Twitter app in a specific spot on the Page, you'll be asked to type either a Twitter username or a hashtag, and select how many posts to display. The hashtag especially can be useful to let students see the most recent posts on your topic, dynamically updated every time they visit that Page in your course. See the Instructor Guide here:

Blog Link:
"Teams with a critical mass of women lets them 'lean in' and aim for science careers"
A study of 120 female engineering students found among other things that women, particularly first-year students, participate more actively and feel less anxious when they are able to work in small groups or "microenvironments" that are mostly female or that have equal numbers of men and women compared to mostly male groups.

If you'd like to share tips with the listserv, let us know (!


------------------------NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS------------------------

Announcement: 12 Week Faculty Writing Group FLC
Receive the free book "Writing a Journal Article in Twelve Weeks" and work through the program WITH fellow faculty members--by the end of the process, you'll have an article ready to submit to a journal! Read more here (see article on page 11):
Meeting Dates: 10:00-11:30am, every Wednesday from May 13th-July 29th
Faculty Champion: Nicole West.
Click here to register online:

New for 2015: the Conference on Teaching Large Classes Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia July 23, 2015.
The Conference on Teaching Large Classes focuses on teaching and learning practices and research related to large classes. The conference is a showcase for best practices in teaching and learning in large classes, as well as the research that provides evidence for the best practices. In addition to teaching and research sessions, the conference also hosts conversation sessions that allow presenters to introduce a particular topic and facilitate the sharing of relevant ideas, innovations, practices, and evidence. Ultimately, the conference provides knowledge and skills related to the teaching of large classes that participants will find immediately useful. Proposals are due: April 20, 2015. There are four types of sessions: Practice, Research, Conversation, and Poster.


 ------------------------THIS WEEK----------------------- 

Workshop: Interactive Teaching Techniques
You may use some interactive techniques in your teaching already, like the "one minute paper" or "think-pair-share." We've got a list of 200+ such techniques we'd love to share with you! (and we will want to learn from you what your favorites are).
Tues., April 21, 11:00-12:00

Workshop: Creating Measurable Learning Objectives & Aligning with Assessments
The creation of measurable learning objectives and aligned assessment items may seem easy, but it's actually one of the most difficult yet important tasks an instructor can tackle. Join us for this workshop where you will learn the components of a correctly constructed learning objective and how to properly align your assessments to create an effective lesson. Facilitated by Maryellen Allen.
Wed., April 22, 2:00-3:15

Workshop: Online Presentation Software Preview
Are you tired of PowerPoint? Are you looking for a new, dynamic way to present course content? This workshop is designed to familiarize you with a few different online presentation programs like Prezi, Sway, and Emaze. 
Thurs., April 23, 2:00-3:00

Unless otherwise noted, all workshops take place in SOC-025. Register online for all workshops:


                                                    ------------------------OLDER ANNOUNCEMENTS------------------------

Announcement: Use Chrome for Workshop Registration
We've been hearing from several folks that our workshop registration system might not work well with Firefox. We're recommending the use of Chrome instead to register, as we've heard of no problems there.

iClicker Software Update

1. Download entirely new software from here – either Mac or PC (these are the same links as always, but just updated):

2. Drag over the following, from the OLD software to the NEW software:
a. The entire "classes" folder (this will make ALL of your old i>clicker scores/registrations/data transfer over).
b. The following files that are found inside the "resources" folder (put these files into the "resources" folder of the new software):
i. CMS_Wizard

Announcement: Lecture Hall WiFi Upgrades
Recently most of the large lecture halls on campus have had their WiFi capabilities expanded, if needed, so that more simultaneous connections are possible. It should now be possible in most large lecture halls to implement "Bring Your Own Device" response systems, such as the free Polls For Canvas for smartphones (more info here:, as well as the full-service clicker companies and their "use your own device" wireless products.

New Section of ATLE Web Site on Policies

ATLE's Web site has added a new section on "policies and procedures" to provide links to faculty all in one place.
Have a look:

New ATLE page for Higher Education Glossary
Joining our recent glossary of USF-specific terms ( we now have a glossary of terms for Higher Education in general. This is sure to be of use to instructors from outside the United States!

Canvas Help Files

There are several help files to get you going with Canvas:

Canvas Listserv
We've created a faculty-to-faculty listserv so that you can email each other with ideas, news, announcements, tricks, tips and workarounds about using Canvas (or ask questions of other subscribers). Several support staff will also be part of the list. To subscribe, visit and locate "Canvas" in the alphabetical list, then click it to find the link to JOIN CANVAS.

"Teaching Essentials" Online Guide to Teaching
This free online "course" on how to teach was developed by national leaders in the field of education, and includes many videos and interactive features. There is no sign-up date, as enrollment is ongoing. Open to faculty member, adjuncts, and teaching assistants. Visit to learn more and self-enroll.

Instructional Resource Guide
A fully-online guide to the policies, procedures, resources, and services available to instructional staff at USF.
Open to faculty member, adjuncts, and teaching assistants.
No registration needed:

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To join (or leave) the ATLE listserv, please visit and locate "ATLE" in the alphabetical list, then click it to find the link to JOIN ATLE.

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