Summer Teaching Symposium (STS)

Full-time faculty are invited to join the Academy for Teaching and Learning Excellence (ATLE) for our annual Summer Teaching Symposium. The Summer Teaching Symposium is a multi-day event that focuses on teaching and learning strategies and renewal ideas for faculty members.

In general, the event involves workshops about teaching techniques and strategies in a breakout/conference format, as well as opportunities to discuss, mix, and exchange teaching stories and best practices with other faculty members from around campus. The focus is on reflection, renewal, and exposure to additional ideas on teaching and learning. We emphasize interaction across disciplines, sharing of tips and tricks, and focusing on classroom applications (turning theories into practices).

By the end of the event, faculty create a single PowerPoint slide to explain to their fellow participants what they will change in their courses.

Participants must be on nine or twelve month faculty contract; this is the one event ATLE offers which is not open to graduate students or to adjuncts. Faculty are asked to attend the entire event (in other words, do not sign up if you have competing obligations during part of the workshops).

While ATLE does not offer compensation, participants receive a modest (roughly $80) piece of technology for attending. Each year's giveaway item is different.

STS-03: Flip it! (May 11-12, 2016)

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The 2016 Summer Teaching Symposium (STS-03) will be held on May 11-12 (Wednesday-Thursday), from 8:30 to 4pm. Each day we will offer a full complimentary breakfast buffet and a lunch buffet. 

The theme will be "Flip it!" - find out about the "flipped classroom" technique of moving content delivery to online only, and doing only activities in seat time. We'll investigate everything from technical options and tweaks to best practices for using the newfound free class time.

For Summer 2016, the giveaway item will be a professional-level desktop microphone (the brand name is Blue Snowball), which will aid in the creation of media you'll make while flipping the classroom.


Registration for the 2016 Summer Teaching Symposium (STS-03) is limited to the first 120 applicants. Register online here:

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