Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

The goal of the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award program is to encourage excellence in teaching at the undergraduate level. The University intends to ensure that the foundation courses of the undergraduate curriculum receive the proper emphasis in preparing students for work in the major, as well as providing the proper foundation in critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award is administered by the Office of the Provost. ATLE is mentioned as a possible contact point for assistance with one component of the application, a 3-5 minute video of a class taught by the applicant. Below are the recommended steps for creating the video:

Creating Your Teaching Video

  1. Record your own video. These videos should be created by the applicants directly, using technology at hand (your own personal video recorder, point-and-shoot camera with video capability, or just a smartphone). If possible, videos should be captured during the year that matches the awards cycle, but videos made of necessity in a later semester are permissible. ATLE recommends that a student (or teaching assistant, if available) capture the video from a side angle of the classroom, so that both instructor and students are visible in the frame.

  2. Remove the video from your camcorder, camera, or smartphone so it exists as a computer file on your hard drive. This is usually done by connecting the device via USB to a computer, which then can read the device as an external hard drive, and movie files can be simply moved over. Note: camcorders sometimes use proprietary movie formats (AVCHD is one such example) that will need to "exported" to your computer and then saved-as other filetypes, using software that came bundled with your camcorder. We recommend files be saved as .mov, .avi, .wmv, .mp4, or .flv.

  3. Upload the video to YouTube. We recommend privacy setting "unlisted" (be sure that you do not use "private" or else the committee will not be able to see your video!) and provide the URL to your uploaded movie with your portfolio. YouTube accounts are the same as Gmail accounts, and the upload process is largely intuitive. Note: YouTube only accepts certain filetypes. Or, if you prefer not to use YouTube...

  4. (Alternate Method to #3) Turn in the video file with the portfolio on a Flash drive. We recommend files be submitted as .mov, .avi, .wmv, .mp4, or .flv.

There are also tools in YouTube that will allow you to trim clips, combine multiple videos, as well as add music or other special effects to your video. The YouTube Video Editor can be used to achieve some of these effects. 

The process is meant to be simple enough that each applicant can complete it individually, without needing to schedule an appointment with ATLE. If any parts of the process listed above present technology challenges, applicants may contact ATLE for further assistance.

Previous Winners of the Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award