Teaching Assistants

Graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) at USF are hired by individual departments/schools and fulfill a variety of instructional roles, which include serving as an instructor of record, grader, and/or teaching assistant.

Training Opportunities

PCT Course

The Preparing for College Teaching (PCT) Course is an optional eight week program that was created to provide TAs with an experience that helps them prepare to become college instructors or professors. It is completely free, and participants will receive co-curricular credit on their transcripts after they complete the program.

 Additional Resources

In addition to the services ATLE provides, TAs may be interested in attending workshops on a variety of topics related to teaching and learning.

TA Awards

Teaching Assistants may be eligible to apply for the Provost's Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

Academic Job Search

If you're looking for a career as a professor, our guide to the academic job search will provide you with some initial parameters of the typical job search. Be sure to check with your dissertation supervisor as well for nuances specific to your discipline.