Student Assessment of Instruction

eXplorance Blue

USF courses following the regular calendar schedule will be assessed through the eXplorance Blue system. The evaluation process is as follows:

Evaluation Items

The online assessment contains eight likert-scale questions. The following response options are included: Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, Excellent.

  1. Description of Course Objectives and Assignments
  2. Communication of Ideas and Information
  3. Expression of Expectations for Performance
  4. Availability to Assist Students In or Out of Class
  5. Respect and Concern for Students
  6. Stimulation of Interest in the Course
  7. Facilitation of Learning
  8. Overall Rating of the Instructor

In addition, the following two open-ended questions are included:

  1. Please provide any additional comments with respect to "Instructor Name."
  2. Please provide any additional comments with respect to "Course Title."

 Accessing Teaching Evaluations

Use the following link to access your student evaluations: http://Blueprod.forest.usf.edu/Blue. A backup location (with fewer reports) is: https://fair.usf.edu/EvaluationMart/

ATLE is not responsible for developing or analyzing results from the Student Assessment of Instruction. For more information, please contact the Office of Decision Support.