Here is information that can help you explore ideas regarding how you might use iPads in the classroom to enhance student learning or instructional efficiency.  You may also want to attend one of our iPad Apps for College Teaching workshops or access our list of iPad Apps for Postsecondary Educators.

How to 'Shop' for Education Apps

  1. Download iTunes (Mac or PC)
  2. Go to & download iTunes to your Mac or PC
  3. Click on iTunes store in left navigation bar
  4. Click on App Store in top navigation bar
  5. Click on iPad or iPhone (near top)
  6. Scroll down and click on Education Collections
  7. Click on discipline
  8. Click on app to preview


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Browse App Store (bottom of page, far right column)
  3. Click on Education
  4. Click on Popular Apps

Advantage: Can search by alphabet if you know the app name
Disadvantages: Not sorted by discipline, lots of K-12 apps

Important Considerations

  1. Is this a "pad-unique" app (does the iPad interface offer a feature/tool/outcome that cannot be accessed/achieved by using a desktop)?
  2. Student learning styles/preferences?
  3. How can this be used to enhance the student learning experience?
  4. How can this be used to enhance instruction and/or instructor productivity?
  5. Learning curve (student and instructor)?
  6. Cost (student and/or instructor)?
  7. Output (save a local copy, accessible with generic applications)

Getting Started

USF-Campus iPad Resources