Panopto Clickpath - Canvas

One-time setup

  1. Panopto must first be deployed as an External Tool, which can only be done in Modules. Inside a module, click on "Add item to module" and select type "External Tool." Select Panopto from the list and click ADD ITEM at the bottom. This will not be where the students click to view videos; it is what you click to create videos.
  2. Click the Panopto link to be taken to the Panopto dashboard.
  3. Start with RECORD button (green, near top middle).
  4. You'll be prompted to download the Focus Recorder. After download, run the .exe file on your hard drive.
  5. After install, the Focus-Recorder pops up, but this one may not work. Close it, then click on the RECORD button again to start the process over now that installation is done, and click to launch the Focus-Recorder near the bottom of this window.

Ongoing method

  1. From within Module, click the Panopto link, and click RECORD to launch the Focus-Recorder (or just launch it from your desktop client).
  2. Adjust inputs (PPT, Screenshare) if desired. Verify microphone (and webcam?) is working.
  3. Click the big RECORD button. Speak the lecture as though talking to students.
  4. Click the STOP button when done.
  5. You will be taken to the Status tab. Click on the button to UPLOAD TO SERVER.
  6. You are prompted to Choose a Session (you may have a choice of courses here). Unless you created a session earlier, you probably want to Add New Session at this point.
  7. If the default session name is OK, click on UPLOAD TO NEW SESSION. The video will be uploaded and processed, which takes some time. When it is finished, you will see links to View, Edit, or Share.
  8. Under Share, you can elect to make the video Public (top-right button) and then receive a fully-public URL. This URL can then be deployed in Canvas under Modules or via a link in Pages.
  9. Encoding is quick; even a one-hour lecture should take less than ten minutes.