Diversity & Inclusion

Diverse Student Organizations

Organization Name Email Contact Phone Number
African Students Association shuuda@mail.usf.edu 352.246.4781
Africana Studies Club gjoseph7@mail.usf.edu 305.519.4910
American Mentors Program Not Available Not Available
Arab American Cultural Club BillSalhab@hotmail.com 813.300.9396
Asian Students in America (ASIA) rjung@mail.usf.edu 386.235.6313
Association of Belize Students Not Available Not Available 
Association of Filipino Students  alvynxeus@mail.usf.edu  813.810.6292 
Bhakti Yoga Club  hsankara@cse.usf.edu  813.323.0333
Black Student Union (BSU)  bsu.president@gmail.com  813.974.2185 
Caribbean Cultural Exchange (CCE)  usf_cce@hotmail.com  305.609.1948
Club Creole  gess526@yahoo.com 786.543.0461
Club de Espanol  usfclubespanol@yahoo.com  651.214.7698 
Collegiate Composers Consortium  Not Available Not Available 
Divine Youth Association  dya_tampa@gmail.com  813.842.9646 
Dominican American Student Association (DASA)  dasausf@gmail.com  352.653.5411 
Europeans at USF  ioannou@mail.usf.edu  813.300.4825 
Feminist Student Alliance  csndradee17@hotmail.com  813.389.9054 
French Club knabel@mail.usf.edu  813.838.4753 
Friends of Internationals  charmcarina@yahoo.com  813.484.2701 
Friends of Sri Lanka Club  samarasi@eng.usf.edu  813.974.0934 
Friendship Association of Chinese Student and Scholars  xwang4@mail.usf.edu  813.317.1031 
Garba Raas and Bhangra (GRaB)  jjames5@mail.usf.edu 813.789.7806
German Culture Club  mminor@mail.usf.edu  941.914.0901 
Haitians for a Better Society  gmarcell@mail.usf.edu  305.244.4484 
Hellenic Society  tmoustakop@aol.com  727.457.3387 
Hindu Students Council  pkulahal@mail.usf.edu  813.951.8745 
Hip Hop Outreach  h2o_usf@yahoo.com  305.308.7164 
Indian Classical Music Society (ICMS)  niraj.rama@gmail.com  813.817.6352 
Indian Cultural Student Association (ICSA)  Not Available Not Available
Intercultural Organization  rriedige@mail.usf.edu 813.610.9477
Interfaith Medical Exchange Org  uali@health.usf.edu 813.468.0161
International Coalition for Students  Not Available  Not Available
International Studies Organization  usfiso@gmail.com  813.713.3126 
Italian Cultural Club (Circolo Culturale Italiano)  jportell@mail.usf.edu  727.410.9624 
Korean American Student Association  spark4@mail.usf.edu  813.407.9177 
Latin American Student Association (LASA) lasausf2003@yahoo.com 321.298.4349
League of United Latin American Citizens Council (LULAC) Not Available Not Available
Lebanese Student Association  lebanese@web.usf.edu  727.481.3375
Members Empowering True Awareness (META)  united_meta@hotmail.com  813.716.1036
Mexican American Student Association (MASA)  jbadill2@mail.usf.edu  863.781.4309 
Multicultural Organization for Students in Education  bbenbow@mail.usf.edu  305.725.3709
NAACP-USF College Chapter  usfnaacp@gmail.com  813.974.0471 
Organization of Arab Students in America  Not Available  Not Available 
Organization of International Students  aperamo@mail.usf.edu 813.598.3258 
Pakistani Students Association  nbukhari@mail.usf.edu  813.785.9017 
Persian American Cultural Club  bgdeli@yahoo.com  941.504.9420 
Russian Club  elebedev@mail.usf.edu  863.969.9056
Students Against Discrimination Everywhere  usfsade@yahoo.com  813.454.6871 
Students of India Association  smhussa2@mail.usf.edu 386.214.6324
Study Abroad Student Organization  uk@iac.usf.edu  813.974.5116 
Taiwanese Student Association  mflin@mail.usf.edu  646.464.3849 
Thai International Student Association  tisausf@hotmail.com  813.300.1293 
Venezuelan Student Association at USF  ueorozco@mail.usf.edu  813.355.6227 
Vietnamese Student Association  usfvsa@hotmail.com  813.334.6050 
West Indian Leaders of Diversity  wildusf@gmail.com  727.415.2851 
Women Federation for World Peace at USF  mathoma3@mail.usf.edu  813.735.9893 
World CARP at USF  edrake82@yahoo.com  813.333.2840 
Interfaith Medical Exchange  uali@health.usf.edu  813.468.0161